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> Announcement: Block Checkers & Conversation/Contact List Spying
Lord d'Eath
Block Checkers & Conversation/Contact List Spying 

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I have been noticing an increasing number of threads, recently, asking about block checkers and "conversation/contact list spying tools". I just wanted to cover both of these topics in an announcement to stop these such threads.

Block Checkers
Block checkers do not work reliably any more. They only work if the person you're checking has the "Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages" option in the Privacy section of Messenger disabled, which is very rare. If that option is enabled, any block checker will tell you that they are offline, regardless of their real status.

Even if block checkers did work reliably (which, I remind you, they don't) we probably wouldn't allow links to them here, as they are a breach of privacy, which leads me on to the second topic of this announcement...

Conversation/Contact List Spying Tools
I am, frankly, amazed and saddened at how many people are asking for such things. What on earth gives you the right to spy on someone's contact list or conversation(s)? Would you want someone else doing that to you? No, so don't do it to them. Oh, and no, "I think my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is cheating on me" is not a valid reason for wanting such a tool.

Thankfully, to the best of my knowledge (which includes fairly extensive knowledge of the Messenger protocol itself), conversation/contact list spying tools do not, and can not, exist.

If, however, they did exist (which I'm fairly sure they don't), we would definitely not allow links to such programs to be posted on this forum and I* would handle such links in the same way that we handle links to illegal software: a one week suspension. I would do so because the concept of such a program is so immoral and unethical that it should be illegal, if it is not already - I would consider any such program to essentially be a trojan or other similar malware.

For both of these topics, if I find any more threads about either block checkers or conversation/contact list spying tools (or similar), I will delete the thread(s) immediately. Repeated offenses WILL result in harsher punishments.

If you refuse to utilise the search feature of this forum prior to posting a new thread, I have no sympathy if your threads get deleted without warning.

Thank you for reading,
Lord d'Eath
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