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> General User Rules & Regulations
post Sep 1 2004, 09:39 PM
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All users must abide by these rules at all times.
  1. General Usage
    1. You must recognize that mess.be caters for the younger audience. Do not post any unsuitable material that would offend young users. Let's be responsible.
    2. You don't talk about Fight Club.
    3. You must not spam/advertise any site without specific permission from an Administrator. This includes direct and/or indirect linkage. If you are found doing so you may be permanently banned without warning. On repeat offences, your ISP may be contacted.
    4. You must respect other users' opinions and points of view. Flaming/arguing/thread hijacking will in no circumstances be tolerated. Users found doing this will get a 10%+ warn, repeat offences may result in your posting privileges being restricted.
    5. Abuse of the PM system will definitely not be tolerated. Any abuse of the PM system including threats/flaming etc. will result in you being warned and PM privileges being revoked. You have been warned.
    6. Your username must not contain explicit words that would not be suitable for younger posters. If you register with a name containing any of these words, you will be asked to change it.
    7. Do not register names with excessive special characters, especially '\' and '/', or any names which may be misleading. Examples of this include registering a name containing 'admin' or 'administrator'. You must not register names which may be confused with a member of Mess.be staff. Registering names that resemble a member of staff will result in the account being renamed or deleted without notice.
    8. You must not advertise spam on this forum. This includes pyramid schemes, Gmail, etc.
    9. You must not ask for a moderator position. We will come to you if we think we need another person on the moderating team. Do not come to us, we will contact you if we think you deserve it and have what it takes.
    10. Remember that we are not technical support for third party software. If you have any serious problems with software please take it up with the application vendors.
    11. Please make all posts in English. This makes moderation easier and also keeps the forums more sociable. Keep any other language to PMs. Repeat offences will get a 50%+ warn and may be permanently banned.
    12. Users must not post about downtime. This especially includes the Mess.be servers and also the MSN Messenger service. All announcements to do with MSN Messenger and Mess.be downtime will be posted by an administrator in the Mess.be Site & Forum Announcements section. Any user seen posting about affiliate/MSN Messenger Service/Mess.be downtime will be warned.
    13. You must not advertise sites (in posts or signatures) that contain Mess.be copyrighted content or imitations. We will remove these links without warning and repeat offences result in a 10%+ warn.
    14. Users must not post celebratory posts about postcounts under 1,000.
    15. Users must not post replies to threads which have no use whatsoever. This includes single-word comments. The post will be deleted and you may get a 10%+ warn as a result.
    16. Users must not post duplicate threads or identical threads which have already been dealt with. The thread will be deleted and you may get a 10%+ warn as a result.
    17. Do not use totally UPPERCASE sentences in your topic title or post.
    18. Do NOT PM staff asking for their MSN Messenger addresses without permission. We like to keep to ourselves.
    19. Any illegal software or software that has violated legal terms - including unreleased/leaked betas - being posted or sent via PM (e.g. links to or instructions for acquisition of) will result in an immediate week suspension.
    20. If you are unsure about where to post a particular topic please consult this topic.
  2. Moderation of Threads
    1. If a moderator thinks your post/thread is unsuitable in any way he/she reserves the right to modify the post to remove any offending material.
    2. In extreme cases moderators have the right to delete your post/thread. You may or may not be informed of this.
    3. Moderators may move any threads they find unsuitable for the current location. The thread will be moved to the relevant location.
    4. Moderators may lock threads they find are causing a problem. This can be for many reasons. If you are not sure why the topic has been locked you may PM the moderator concerned once.
    5. Do not use the 'Report to Moderator' function if you want your own posts deleting or consider a single post to be "off-topic". Doing so simply spams the system. Repeat offences may be considered abuse.
    6. Moderators may change irrelevant thread names to something that fits the subject of the thread. Users must not specify misleading or non-descriptive thread names. Please note that this includes thread names such as "Help!". This will result in a 10%+ warn.
    7. Moderators may remove any links to downloadable software if it has not been approved first by Mess.be administrative staff. Repeat offences will get a 10%+ warn.
    8. Any threads or posts which question the ways of Moderators or Admins will be removed on sight, thread starter warned 10%+ and suspended for 1 day. This also applies via PM.
  3. User Warnings
    1. If another user posts material unfit for the forum (i.e. porn, warez, links to warez, images/text of a racial nature, hacking and cracking) you must report the offending post/thread to a moderator. The function for this can be found under any post.
    2. If you report a thread/post to a moderator for no good reason, you may be asked why you reported without reason and may get a 10%+ warn. Repeat offences will result in your privileges being restricted and a timed/permanent ban.
    3. A social and helpful user will not go unrewarded for extended help in tackling unsuitable material on the forum.
    4. When a warning is placed on your account, you will not be permitted to change your user name for the duration of your membership.
  4. Respecting Users, Mods and Admins
    1. If you have a disagreement with another user please follow it up via PM/MSN Messenger rather than posting in a thread which the public can view. Doing so may result in you getting a 10%+ warn or banned.
    2. If you feel you have been victimized/treated unfairly by moderator(s) please contact an admin.
    3. If you feel you have been victimized/treated unfairly by admin(s) please contact another admin/site admin.
    4. Abusive messages and arguing with admins may result in you losing your account and access to the forums permanently.
    5. Attempting to by-pass a ban/suspension on one account by creating alternate accounts will result in all concerned accounts being banned permanently.
  5. Signatures & Avatars
    1. If you are found to have an inappropriate avatar or signature it will be removed by a moderator/admin. You may be informed if this happens. You may get a 10%+ warn as a result.
    2. Signature restrictions:
      • Signatures must not be larger than 500x200 in total. (See also: Cracking down on signature sizes)
      • Signatures must not be larger than 150KB in total file size.
      • Allowed image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, SWF.
      • Animated GIFs are allowed but must not be excessive or inappropriate (moderator/admin's decision is final).
      • Flash signatures are allowed but restricted to the following:
        • Flash signature size is restricted to 500x150 pixels (width x height).
        • Flash signatures may not: contain sounds (unless the sound is downloaded and played upon user interaction [except mouseover]), be excessively memory or CPU consuming, hide the mouse cursor on mouse-over, cause seizures. If a Flash signature contains any of this your signature will be removed after the first offence and you will be banned if it happens again.
        • Flash signatures may also never contain any of the following: attempts to access JavaScript or VBScript. Cross-domain access (so-called XSS or cross-site scripting). Webcam or microphone access. Any attempts to do so will result in an instant and permanent ban.
        • Advertising in signatures is not allowed. This includes images linking to your website that contain promotional text (competitions, incentives, "Join now!," etc.). However, simple linking to your website is fine. Any advertising will be removed at moderator's discretion, along with a 10%+ warning.
    3. Avatar restrictions:
      • Avatars must not be larger than 96x96.
      • Avatars must not be larger than 40KB.
      • Allowed image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG.
      • Animated GIFs are not allowed.
    4. Breaking any of the above signature or avatar restrictions will result in your signature/avatar being removed by a moderator/admin. You may get a 10%+ warn. You may be informed when this happens. Repeat offences may result in your profile editing ability being revoked.
  6. Mess.be Content
    1. This forum was created for mess.be. Please do not copy any material from it (this includes: images, style, news, etc.).
    2. Do not copy this Rules and Regulations to your own forum, it has been specifically written for mess.be.
If you have any other questions regarding these rules (or lack thereof) please contact me or another admin.

You use these forums and the material herein at your own risk. For more information please read the Mess.be site disclaimer.

If you have questions regarding either beer or mess.be in general, please contact a site admin.

Thank you for your support,
Mess.be Admin Team msn_cool.gif

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