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> Stuff for MSN Messenger 7.5
post Jan 31 2006, 09:29 PM
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-> http://www.rolandunderg.net/skins.php
-> http://forums.msnfanatic.com/index.php?showtopic=12352

But you'll have to check whihc ones have been updated to the latest msn m versions.
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post Feb 18 2006, 05:07 PM
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I found a chinese addon called MSN Shell, it works pretty well and has free sms - only for chinese users for now - but coming soon i believe.


If you look there is a menu to translate the site to english from chinese.
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post Apr 8 2008, 03:01 AM
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QUOTE(XxRebelSeanxX @ Aug 25 2005, 01:23 AM) [snapback]83779[/snapback]
Okay guys, same as last time. Post anything related to MSNM v7.5 final. Give me the name, a description, download link, category, and who made it and I will update this post with the information. Categories: Add-on, Bot, Skin, Plug-in, Tut, Patch. Let the posting begin

Please rate this thread!

File Name: Messenger Plus! 3.60
Description: Adds a bunch of stuff to your MSN Messenger such as, custom sounds, advanced logging features, Enhanced notifications, Security and privacy control, and MUCH more!
Author: Patchou
Category: Add-on
Download: http://www.msgplus.net

File Name: A-Patch v1.2.2
Description:Some features include Polygamy (Multi-MSN), remove buttons from the Contact List and Instant Message window, remove Ad Banners, remove What's Hot sections, add the ability to choose your status from the systray before you sign-in, show Idle status, remove file transfer protection and much, much more! This patch has over 30 features
Author: Ahmad
Category: Patch
Download: http://www.apatch.tk

File Name: Crazy Frog MSN
Description: A skin based on the annoying Crazy Frog mobile phone buddy
Author: DiaBLOTin
Category: Skins
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=224

File Name: MSN oCean 3
Description: Again, this is an old skin which was originally released for MSN 7.0 by JérômeBzh, and then recentley updated for MSN 7.5 Beta by Frack. It is designed on the GANT icons and Visual Style.
Author: JérômeBzh & Frack
Category: Skins
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=217

File Name: Zen Skin
Description:A skin based on the Ying/Yang feel, peace, and general hippy things lol. Originally made for MSN 7.0, and updated for MSN 7.5.
Author: DiaBLOTin
Category: Skins
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=216

File Name: BooGhost Skin
Description:This skin is based on the very old ClearMSN skin by BooGhost, only without the transparency. It was previously updated by ThiWeb for MSN 7, and is now updated for MSN 7.5.
Author: BooGhost
Category: Skin
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=215

File Name: Winks/Moods Backupper (WMBackupper)
Description: A (bit buggy and slow) tool to backup your Winks&Moods you've payed for if you want to reformat your hd for example.
Author: Monkey
Category: Add-On
Download: http://members.lycos.nl/monkeyforum/aapiemirror/
Required dll's: VB Runtime Files, crypt32.dll?

File Name: Local MCO Installer
Description: A program to install MessengerContent files on your harddrive like then ones you get when importing with WMBackupper.
Author: Monkey
Category: Add-On
Download: http://members.lycos.nl/monkeyforum/aapiemirror/
Required dll's: VB Runtime Files, mswinsck.ocx, comdlg32.dll/ocx, maybe windows messenger installed. msn_thinking.gif

File Name: Offline Messenger v2
Description: Allows you to send messages to your buddy while they are offline using MSN Messenger!
Author: OM Development Team (Doggie, Noroom, Psyko)
Category: Bot
Download: http://www.offlinemessenger.com

File name: Mess.be Custom Games
Description: Add custom games to your MSN Messenger installation. More information at http://games.mess.be
Author: Mess.be
Category: Patch
Download: http://www.mess.be/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?a...file&id=586

File Name: Mess Patch 7.5.0299
Description: Allows you to patch MSN Messenger 7.5.0299 with the following options: enable polygamy, install custom games, disable nudges, remove add contact label, remove msn search bar, remove banner ad, remove msn today button, fix nickname length, remove white (text ad) space from conversation windows, distinguish Idle from Away status (English version only), remove MSN logo (from main and conversation window), remove premium services (what's hot), remove conversation window search button, remove email button, remove my space button, remove all contact card buttons, disable nudge protection, remove user is writing message, remove Winks/packs and/or nudges buttons and change handwriting tab images to text, multi-language support (catalan, danish, dutch, english, french, portuguese, brazilian portuguese, spanish, swedish, korean and traditional chinese), enable/remove Winamp support in Personal Messages, clicking your MSN Display Picture in the main window opens the display picture dialog (like it used to), boost Personal Messages to 500 characters, remove blocked extensions in file transfers, remove font button, remove backgrounds button. Remove billing information menus, disable MSN Spaces integration in contact cards, enable multi-line nicknames, sign-in status in system tray menu, remove gleams, disable MSN Music song links, add always on top main/conversation window button, remove user is typing message, winamp support in Personal Messages with TheBlasphemer's Winamp plugin, swap now playing artist and song title when using iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp, add sign-out button to upper panel which displays the new Passport.net logo, hide personal messages in contact list, remove webcam icon from To: bar, *HOT* 'Switch Tabs To Right Side' option, Sign-in window DP removal option, option to remove the bottom links in the sign-in window, Fixed 'Hide Personal Messages' to work when viewing large DP thumbnails, remove the 'Messenger' title/caption, 'Remove Yellow Infobar' in contact list, 'Add A Contact' button can now be moved to the dashboard/upper-panel, 'Remove Microsoft Passport Network' branding in Sign-in window, fixed 'Remove Webcam Icon' button, 8 new options for removing each button at the conversation window top bar, 'Remove My Dynamic Backgrounds Menus', 'Remove Voice Clip' option, users can now select to remove Winamp support while restoring backups, 'Remove File Transfer Blocked Extensions', Remembers chosen options. Position Add A Contact bar at the bottom of the contact list (again), Remove Yellow Infobar in Convos, Mess Patch Original features now marked with a ¹ symbol.
3 options to strip text from toolbar buttons and remove the get a webcam link.

*Important* Selecting the 'Remove Advertisement Banner' will stop the javascript errors that users in certain areas are reporting (since ads are geo-targeted).
Author: Rolando featuring theunknown, Koen & TheBlasphemer
Category: Patch
Download: http://downloads.mess.be/downloads/messpat...ww.mess.be).zip

File name: Messenger Discovery X
Description: Better MSN Messenger 7.0 compaitiblity
Full MSN Messenger 7.5 compatibility
Updates of MessengerDiscovery X will now show an alert bubble in the task bar instead of intrusive dialogs
!imitate has had a few bug fixes which will support better font catching
Popups now display fine with multiple-monitor setups.
Author: Ecko_Complex
Category: Add-on
Download: http://www.msgdiscovery.com/download.php

File name: Mess patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306
Description: The first Third Generation style of Mess.be, for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306
Author: Mess.be/Rolando
Category: Patch
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=247

File name: A-Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306
Description: Another version of the popular and stylish A-Patch made by Ahmad.
Author: Ahmad noreply.gif A-Patch.tk
Category: Patch
Download: http://www.messengermad.com/forums/index.php?download=248

File name: FeelBlue:MSN
Decription: A VERY nice blueish style skin. For MSN Messenger 7.5.0306
Author: Absorbation
Category: Skin
Download: http://feelblue.msgstuff.com/

File name: Messenger:MAC
Decription: Apple's OS X is well known for its excellence in visual design. Many windows users long for the OS X interface and emulate it as best they can within the windows environment.

When Microsoft released Messenger:Mac for OS X many enthusiasts marvelled at it's elegance. The new version makes many windows users wonder why they are left with such a terribly designed chat client.

Thanks to The Messenger Lab the wait is over! Now you can enjoy the beauty of Messenger:Mac on their windows computer and without lacking the features you have come to love in MSN Messenger.

Made with real resources extracted from The Mesenger Lab's own Apple Mac computers Messenger:Mac for MSN Messenger brings you as close as you can get to the real thing. Compatible with Messenger Plus! you will not miss out any of those add-ons you love.

Author: The Messenger Lab
Category: Skin
Download: http://www.themessengerlab.com

File name: Display Picture Manager 2 BETA
Decription: For anyone unsure on this program and what it does well it will allow you to make a slideshow with your dislpay picture for your contacts to view, it also now allows status assignments and friendly name assignments which allows you to set a certain status or friendly name and when you change ur status or name to that assignment your display picture will automatically change along with it to any picture you have set.

what is new in this version you ask ?

Well many people wanted a few changes and I have made them.

- interface changes
- graphical changes
- new stylish buttons with mouseover effect
- new online pictures
- new mini view on program and slideshow status
- several bug fixes

It basically has a new look graphically and I think it is a definate improvement. So what are you waiting for, get your hands on a copy now!
Author: Destruction
Category: Add-on
Download: http://www.dsoft-network.com/DSOFT/Apps/DP...5/dpmnger2c.zip

File name: Music Logger Plus! 3.2 Final
Decription: It's finally done, and now it's a Plus! plug-in! Music Logger Plus enables you to log the songs that your MSN contacts play in MSN Messenger. Use the /xmlp command once the plug-in is installed to open the main window.


Author: Jedimark
Category: Msgplus! Plug-in
Download: http://mlp.jedimark.co.uk/

File name: File Transfer Plus 1.1
Author: RicorDog
Category: Msgplus! Plug-in
Download: http://www.msghelp.net/attachment.php?pid=286544

File name: Messenger Web Services (MEWS)
MEssenger Web Services (MEWS) is a plugin for Messenger Plus! It allows you to quickly access web services (like an online dictionary) and share the results with your contacts.
Default services include azlyrics (Look up lyrics from your favourite songs), citytime (get the time in all the major cities), CNN (share the latest news), dictionary (Look up difficult words), and much more.
Apart from the list of default web services, it also allows you to add your own services by writing a VBScript to parse the contents of a page and turn them into an instant mesage.
Author: Juzzi
Category: Plug-in
Download: http://www.msgweb.nl/en/MSN_Projects/MEWS/
Download for dutch people: http://www.msgweb.nl/nl/MSN_Projecten/MEWS/
Bugs/Discussion Thread: http://msghelp.net/showthread.php?tid=51015

Please Post Direct Download Link , Does any one have that offline messaging patch for msn 7.5 ?msn_happy.gif

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post Jan 15 2009, 12:28 AM
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Please download FREE WINKS at


You will really enjoy the selection.

Thank you
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