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I've created this topic to basically put feelers out there and find out how many Mac users visit for MSN Messenger news and updates.

I also thought that there should be somewhere to start a FAQ & Support thread for them as information and support isn't always available or easy to find.

I've been appointed by dwergs and other members of the team to help with mac news regarding MSN Messenger and you'll notice news articles surrounding MSN Messenger for Mac development being posted on every now and again.

We just wanted to know, how many mac users are out there using MSN Messenger and visiting what do you think of what would you like to see on and if we were to create a, what do you think of the idea and what would you want on that site?

I'd also like to just quickly plug the online petition that hasn't been mentioned recently: A group of us have got together and with the help of have built a site and created online petitions that are aimed at improving MSN Messenger for Mac in terms of features, functionality, compatability with windows, and of course - creating a messable messenger app for mac users.

for more information on the petition, see

at the time of posting this, there were approximately 9,410 signatures. Thanks to all those who have signed it so far.
As per saying, I might be getting a Mac in the near future, I will sign ma name!
Something needs to change about Messenger:Mac. It's terrible and has almost no features. Just because I own a Mac doesn't mean I can't interact with friends like windows users. I signed the petition about a month ago. I've gotten only one upgrade for messenger and it was for security. No features.
Can we add this to sticky again?
silverang a mac user now..actually am a dual user..both pc and's quite wierd to use the mac msn after using windows msn due to the lack of certain features...but i guess the main function gets across, i.e. u can msg someone..haha..i just want polygamy for mac..sigh...
im a mac boy,wish msn was the same as on my pc

link dont work no more...
Hi guys, sorry it's been a while, the link has changed.

we have a domain now and I am developing the site further

you can find it at
Nice one. I really hope there's some major developments with this some time soon msn_happy.gif
me2, all i can see on website is lots of squares msn_sad.gif

edit: oh wait i see now. msn_grin.gif
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